X-Cash 2.0 DPoPS Release Announcement

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  • 2019-09-30 17:10:52

Dear X-Network Community,

As you know, we are thriving to provide innovation in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. Today we are excited to announce that the alpha version of the dPoPS code is done and that we have processed through a series of internal tests that were successful.

Therefore, we are ready to move forward on live tests with the community. Once these tests will have been passed and are successful, we will be ready for live deployment.

What is DPoPS?
DPoPS is the first delegated Proof-of-Stake blockchain consensus protocol implementation in a privacy coin. This consensus algorithm has been studied and developed by the X-Cash team as part of the development roadmap for more than a year.

The main components are recapped below:

100 elected delegates are in charge of the blockchain consensus
Stakes can be revealed and tracked through the use of reserve proofs
Block producers are elected from one block to another in a random fashion thanks to the use of Verifiable Random Functions
Removal of alternative chains, the number of confirmations needed can be lowered significantly
For more information, you can read the dedicated yellow paper.
The source code is made available under the X-Cash DPoPS repository.

DPoPS implementation timeline
To ensure a smooth switching process as well as validating the technical components, we have chosen to follow this indicative timeline:

Alpha closed testnet — Monday 7th October — up to 20 participants
Beta open testnet — Monday 21st October — up to 100 participants (indicative)
Delegates votes open on mainnet —Friday 1st November (indicative)
Mainnet consensus switch — Monday 4th November (indicative)
As of today, it remains hard to assess how long the tests will run for; they could greatly vary based on the potential issues we encounter. Therefore, the above timeline for steps 2., 3. and 4. remain extremely indicative at this stage.

How to participate
To participate in the Testnet, you need to make sure you have familiarized yourself with the installation steps described in the documentation. Please note some basic technical knowledge about Linux commands… etc is required until a full installation pack is provided.

If you wish to join the alpha closed Testnet, please fill this application form https://forms.gle/1jh74K2JvjkJ5HDr9. We will review all applications to fill the 20 places for the closed Testnet.

A dedicated Discord channel will be set up for alpha testers in order to facilitate communication between the dev-team and the testers.

Bug Bounty Program Announcement
As previously mentioned, we are launching a bug bounty program to retribute all vulnerabilities/bugs/issues contributors have found. This will also allow us to compensate alpha testers who are and have been involved in the DPoPS from the start.

The bug bounty program will start from Monday 7th October and will run until depletion of the funds or from a team consensus of program premature stop.

As of Monday 30th September 2019, 500,000,000 XCASH (20k USD at current market prices) have been allocated to the program for the alpha and beta test. Please note that we are currently in discussion as to whether or not extend the program to a permanent state after DPoPS is live, depending on the community involvement.

If you wish to participate in the bug bounty program for the alpha-test, send your application and join us in making DPoPS better. The bug bounty program details will be released on Thursday 3rd October.

DPoPS is an innovative implementation of DPoS under a privacy coin that has been designed by the X-Cash team. Along with the DPoPS test phase, a bug bounty program will be launched. The idea behind is to have anyone from the community contribute to the security of this new consensus algorithm.

The tests will be rolled out progressively throughout the month of October. If successful, we should be able to process to the mainnet switch in the early days of November.

DPoPS has the potential to become one of the best dPoS implementations and the community will play a key role in the test phase and future developments. More than ever, we are counting on your support.