X-Payment Beta Release — Easy onboarding, new UX & features

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  • 2019-12-23 17:13:36

Dear community,

Today we are releasing the latest version of X-Payment, which features a significant number of upgrades. The goal of this version is to be an intermediary release between the alpha and the production-ready software that we want to deploy next year.

This version will allow us to validate the following components of X-Payment:

New UX
One-click onboarding of communities
Testing of the next features
Also, feel free to have a look at our new X-Payment web page!
(We have also hidden 5 clues to find codes to claim on the X-Bank and worth 2M each!) ?

New UX
With the new version of X-Payment, we are releasing a completely revamped user interface for all features. We believe this will significantly ease the understanding of how X-Payment works while setting the graphical standard for the next functions to be added.

Receiving X-Cash through X-Payment for the first time
The screenshot above highlights the message sent to a user who is receiving a first payment. This first payment and message are extremely important because as we onboard more and more communities within X-Payment, new users will be reached. It is likely that these users will have never heard of X-Cash or even cryptocurrencies which is why we want to bring in some education at this stage.

Welcome page of X-Payment
The next example we share above is the Welcome page that provides some basic explanation and the first functions to get started. We also refrain that X-Payment should always be used as a daily micropayment service and we highly recommend not using it as a primary method for storing your funds.

One-click onboarding of communities
X-Payment is built to be used by every Discord Communities.

Because we are convinced of its potential and its added value we have decided to release it for free before open-sourcing through our GitHub.

New commands have been added for the community owners to better manage their X-Payment integration
But we still see it as a tool that can be mutually beneficial for users and community owners. For this reason, communities can set up their own fees and start generating revenues stream that can help them finance their activities. Following the free logic behind X-Payment, we have chosen to not take any percentage from the community fees either.

Onboarding X-Payment takes only 10s:

click on the invite bot link
select the server you would like to add the bot to and give it all permissions;
Once on your server, type $owner to see what you can do, and type $owner register to add your server to the system.
We are also offering free coins to new communities to support the expansion, contact us on Discord!

Gaming Pools
As Discord remains mostly used by gamers, we want to develop a unique feature that will enhance their gaming experience by using X-Cash as a betting token.

Example of a Gaming Pool: players pay an entry fee and the winners get to win the pot
This feature offers the possibility to create gaming pools and bet X-Cash on the outcome of a game. Once the game is done, users can vote and the coins are released to the winners.

We have tried to make the gaming pools as user-friendly as possible although we know there is significant room for improvement.

We have set up a specific governance system where the players are asked to vote on the outcome of the game. There is an honesty score embedded within each user so that others can assess their credibility. We are convinced this system can be improved so any feedbacks are more than welcome!

Each user have a Gaming Pool profile and can track their earnings or setup new gaming pools
The future of X-Payment
We are excited to receive feedback for this new version which will be the last before the mainstream release. Feel free to onboard your community, organize gaming pools and share with us your feelings and what should be added next.

We have a great development pipeline for X-Payment in 2020. Through the contributor program, we are counting on everyone to help us build the next versions!

If you are interested to help on the development and the marketing sides of X-Payment, please contact the team directly on Discord.

Thank you for your support!